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IK Multimedia SampleTank v2.5.2 VSTi DXi RTAS FuLL

IK Multimedia SampleTank v2.5.2 VSTi DXi RTAS FuLL

IK Multimedia SampleTank v2.5.2 VSTi DXi RTAS | 50 MB
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IK Multimedia SampleTank v2.5.2 VSTi DXi RTAS FuLL Sample Tank en son örnekleme çalışma istasyonudur.

Sadece bu program bulabileceğiniz kombinasyonlara ve ses özelliklerine sahiptir..

Sample Tank diğer örnekleme tabanlı enstrüman programlarından en kolay kullanımlı ve en güçlü şarkı yapma programı olma özelliği ile ayrılır.

Yeni numune teknolojisini kullanma imkanı sağlar.

ilk defa olarak örnekleme tabanlı enstrumanlar için üçlü kullanım modülü aktif hale getirilme özelliği vardır ki bu size daha önce hiçbir programın vermediği
esnekliği sağlar.

PS/TS (Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch) ve yeni STRETCH özelliği ile diğer proramlardan ayrılır.

Modül size tempo, armoni ve ezgisel uyum üzerinde tam kontrol olanağı sağlar.

STRECH özelliği inanılmaz zengin, hareketli ve doğal enstrüman kalitesinde seslersağlar ve tempo havası üzerinde tam kontrol olanağı sağlar.

Frekans dağıtma ve yeni biçim tonlamaları ile ses yaratıcılığınızın sınırlarını zorlamanıza yardımcı olur.

PS/TS özelliği size eşzamanlı çoklu 'loops'ları tek bir tıklama ve tempo ve 'pitch' üzerinde en mükemmel ritm makinasına ulaşmanızı sağlar.

IK Multimedia SampleTank v2.5.2 VSTi DXi RTAS FuLL SampleTank 2
The ultimate sample workstation

SampleTank is the ultimate sample-workstation. With an exclusive combination of features and sounds, SampleTank stands apart from any other sample-based virtual instrument, as one of the most powerful and easy-to-use solutions for making fully produced songs out of the box.

The widest variety of sounds in all instruments categories just one click away. You can immediately get tons of Acoustic Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos, Strings, Brass, Winds, Vocals, Orchestral sounds, Organs, Percussion, Drums, Basses, Guitars, Synths, Loops, Ethnic sample and more. Plus now SampleTank has the ability to read all “Powered by SampleTank” instruments’ sounds, including Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth, SampleMoog, and SampleTron. This way you can work much faster and more creatively by having access to thousands of high-quality sounds from a single interface. If this is not enough, you can also import your own WAV, AIFF, AKAI, SDII and Samplecell files for a truly unlimited world of sounds.

3 advanced sample engines allow unique sound manipulation with multi-samples and loops. SampleTank is the only sample workstation that sports 3 different type of sample-engines: traditional resampling, STRETCH™ and PS/TS. The unique STRETCH™ engine will deliver amazing realism and expression over multi-sampled instruments. Your performances will come to life with true glide, bending, full control over staccato and vibrato, with an incredibly rich, vibrant, and natural sound quality (no more “chip-munk” effect). When working with loops, the PSTS engine (Pitch-shift/Time-stretch) will allow you to synchronize loops with one click, or control its tempo and pitch independently for the ultimate beat machine.

So easy to use that you do not need to read the manual. You’re up and going within seconds. More than 50 sampler controls are accessible from an easy-to-use and highly accessible single interface. That’s why you can spend more time focusing on your music instead of studying complex manuals written for engineers and not musicians. That’s also why you’ll find yourself loading up SampleTank as your ‘go-to’ instrument every time you want to let your creativity flow.

So efficient and fast loading that you can easily install it in your laptop and use it as your mobile virtual workstation. SampleTank is so efficient that it can be easily installed and can run from even a modestly priced laptop. Sounds can load up so fast that its performance is comparable to the one of hardware synths and samplers. That is why more and more musicians use SampleTank for their live performances. Try to do this with other complicated and heavy-load sample-based virtual instruments, and you can immediately see the difference!

The new SampleTank 2.5 is available in 2 versions: SampleTank XL and L, which differ only by the number of sounds included. If you want the best, the new SampleTank 2.5 XL comes with 2 DVDs and over 1,800 sounds (for over 6.5GB of samples) plus an extra bonus sound disk! Your second option is the L version, an affordable introduction to SampleTank that includes 1 DVD and over 900 sounds.

* 16 part multitimbral sound module with layerable parts
* 3 synth engines: newly enhanced STRETCH™ and Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch (PS/TS) plus traditional Resampling
* Powerful Multi-Effects section that includes 5 effects per Part, 5 Send and 5 Master effects
* 33 built-in DSP effects
* Part and Master Loop Sync
* Independent Part and Master Volume/Pan controls
* Works as a standalone application as well as a plug-in in Mac OS (Universal Binary), and Windows (XP/Vista)
* Supported plug-in formats: VST, RTAS, and AU
* Imports WAV, AIFF, SDII, AKAI S-1000/3000 and SAMPLECELL directly from the plug-in

Konu Eklem Kriterleri , Konum Yayınlanmıyor neden ?
IK Multimedia SampleTank v2.5.2 VSTi DXi RTAS FuLL

More power than any sample-based virtual instrument
SampleTank 2 launches sampling technology into new dimensions. For the first time in a sample-based instrument, 3 synth engines can be switched on the fly to provide more flexibility than ever before: traditional resampling, PS/TS (Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch) and the new STRETCH™ engine give you total control over Tempo, Tune and Harmonics. STRETCH (SampleTank Time REsynthesis TeCHnology) delivers incredibly rich, vibrant, and natural quality instrument sounds with full-control of tempo, tune and frequencies distribution to tailor tone and push sound design to the limits of your imagination. PS/TS allows you to sync multiple loops with one click and have independent control over their tempo and pitch for the ultimate beat machine.

This is the traditional technology used in sampler and sample-based sound modules.

PS/TS (Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch)
PS/TS has been designed to work with polyphonic material, such as ensemble instruments phrases, or percussive sounds such as drum loops and percussion grooves. Also with PS/TS tempo and pitch can be controlled independently ensuring the best possible quality for this type of material and the most flexible manipulation possibilities. Additionally other applications are possible, such as multiple loops with different tempo can be easily synced together with one click or synced to the host's tempo.

STRETCH™ (Sampletank Time REsynthesis TeCHnology)
STRETCH has been designed for monophonic material (such as vocal, brass, winds, etc…), and provides full control over the tempo and tune of the samples, to give any music an incredibly rich, vibrant, and natural quality. STRETCH also expands sonic manipulation capabilities with full-control of an instrument's basic spectrum distribution to tailor its tonal charactieristics and push sound design to the limits of imagination. Many natural instruments loose their realism when played by a sampler. The false sounding glide and bending in many traditional samples have been eliminated by STRETCH which delivers a new standard of musical realism, making virtual instruments more natural sounding than ever imagined (no more “chip-munk” effect). STRETCH gives more control over vital sound characteristics, delivers more realism than any other sample-based virtual instruments, and offers more tools to unleash creativity.

Unlimited world of sounds
SampleTank 2 beats any existing sample-based sound module for availability, variety, quality and expandability of sounds. SampleTank 2 includes a huge variety of the highest quality in every possible instrument category, all superbly programmed by world-renown sound designers and ready-to-go.

SampleTank 2 is the only plug-in sound-module that includes a huge variety of the highest quality in every possible instrument category, all superbly programmed by world-renown sound designers and ready-to-go.

The SampleTank 2 XL collection included with the software offers more than 2,000 sounds for more than 6.5GB of samples in a galaxy of categories: bass, brass, electronic and acoustic drums, ethnic, guitar, loops, orchestra, organ, percussion, piano, strings, synth, vocals, woodwinds and more.

And if these are not enough, SampleTank 2 allows you to import WAV, AIFF, SDII samples, AKAI® S1000-3000 and SampleCell™ instruments, directly from the plug-in.

Powerful Multi-Effects Unit with 33 DSP effects
Every sound in SampleTank is programmed with fully editable built-in effects so drums load up with reverb and compression, guitars with amp-sim, electric organs with rotary speaker and so on, for an amazing realism on all sounds.

This is thanks to SampleTank 2 extremely powerful multi-effects engine, which offers high quality DSP effects giving maximum flexibility, creativity and realism to all the instruments. All the effects are top-class quality and fully editable, and have been designed with sound shaping in mind.

Enhanced instruments browsing. Powerful built-in sound Data Base
SampleTank 2 offers one of the the fastest sound browsing of any Sample-based virtual instruments. Its clear folder structure (which reflects your folder's organization on your hard-disk) is enhanced with a collapsible folder view, making it easy to pick the right sounds among thousands in a flash.

Plus, you can also add customized searchable keywords to the built-in factory keywords to find sounds, using SampleTank exclusive built-in sound Data Base.

This makes SampleTank ideal for keeping all of your favorite instrument sounds organized and easily accessible.

No other instrument compares to the productivity and sound searching speed of SampleTank 2.

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