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Sport 9: The Ultimate PC Collection [2009]

Sport 9: The Ultimate PC Collection [2009]

Sport 9: The Ultimate PC Collection [2009] | PC Game | Genre: Sport
Company: Phoenix Games | Release date: 2009-03-07 | Language: English

A pack of 8 Sports game in 550 MB, looks very good pack to me. It contains games involving air hockey, golf to pools and snooker. Surely a must download. FASiSO released this single CD release.

Arcade USA
Arcade USA is the place to be for fun, so why not head over and enjoy some of the most fun sports ever. Down at Arcade USA you can venture into the Air Hockey lounges and compete against the Arcades to win the title of ‘Arcade Champ’. Or you could try your hand at 10-Pin Bowling over in the other part of the arcade? Better still, why not aim to be the ultimate champion and win both competitions? Classic games, loads of opponents and lots of fun - all under one roof at Arcade USA!

Crazy Golf
Crazy Golf lets you play the game like never before - the game comes packed with mini courses filled with hazards and obstacles that will test your putting skills to the limit. The custom physics system allows your ball to ricochet, bounce and bobble with stunning realism.

The game is set in three unique environments; underwater, up in the sky, and finally in outer space. The aim of the game is to win all the trophies. To succeed you will need to become a great Crazy Golfer, and beat the target scores throughout the game. Only the very greatest players will be able to win all the Gold Trophies.

Downhill Slalom
Get ready to pit your skiing skills against the very best, spread across three death-defying downhill slopes, in order to become the best in each discipline to earn the coveted title of Downhill Slalom Resort Champion. In Downhill Slalom, you will take part in three exciting race modes. You will need good timing to complete the Slalom courses, outrageous jump moves to come first in Token Dash and be able to pick the best racing line to beat the competition in the all out Sprint mode. So grab your skis, jump on to the ski lift and get ready to battle it out on the snow covered slopes against the elite skiers of Downhill Slalom!

Extreme Sprint 3010
Extreme Sprint 3010 takes place in post-apocalyptic Earth. In 3010, a totalitarian government trying to hold the full power in its hands introduces the new violent Extreme Sprints. The player will have to complete 16 sprints in 16 different arenas created in 4 different worlds to become a winner. There are 3 play-modes: Quick Sprint, Regional Tournament and World Tournament. There are 16 Stadiums loacated in 4 unique worlds that are logically divided into four of Earth’s regions: wealthy, moderately developed, poorly developed, and wasteland. Each region has its own attributes that are unique to them.

Olympic Challenge
Compete against your friends or the computer in the following events: 100m hurdles / high jump / shot put / 200m dash / long jump / javelin throw / 800 meter dash.

Pool game.

Snooker 147
Snooker game.

Snow Rider
The snow is falling, the boards are waxed and the slopes are ready - can you become the number one Snow Rider! Take part in 3 exciting game modes, spread across 3 downhill slopes. Can you win the Championship in each mode? And earn yourself the coveted title of Resort Champion?

Requirements: Computer, Windows 98/2K/ME/XP/Vista

Sport 9: The Ultimate PC Collection [2009]

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