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Adobe Font Folio 11

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OpenType is a true cross-platform font format developed by Adobe and Microsoft that can contain an expanded character set for better linguistic support and enhanced typographic functionality. With OpenType, one font file contains all of a font’s outline and metrics information, and the same font file can be used on the Macintosh and Windows platforms.
OpenType fonts from Adobe can be installed and used alongside PostScript® Type 1 and TrueType fonts, and can be printed to most output devices and embedded in PDF files. OpenType fonts are natively supported on Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. They are compatible with older operating systems via ATM Light, a free system software component from Adobe. Once OpenType fonts are installed, virtually all applications can work with them, though applications must incorporate specific support to access added typographic glyphs present in some OpenType fonts.

The keystone of any type library, Adobe Font Folio 11 offers a wide range of font styles to choose from, including workhorse text typefaces, innovative display typefaces, handwriting and script typefaces, bullets and ornamental fonts. Font designs in this collection were created by world-renowned type foundries, such as Adobe, Monotype Imaging, ITC, and Linotype, cutting-edge foundries and talented individual designers. The fonts in Adobe Font Folio 11 were then expertly crafted by Adobe’s type development staff, and represent some of the highest quality fonts available, both in terms of design aesthetics and technical reliability.

Adobe Font Folio 11 Contents:

1. The Font Folio Read Me file that you are currently reading.
2. A Read Me file called "What's New" that describes the new features of this version of Font Folio.
3. A "Western Fonts" folder that contains individual OpenType font family folders sorted alphabetically.
4. A “Western Fonts (Type 1)” folder that contains supplemental Type 1 versions of all of the pi and symbol fonts included in this collection. Designers may require the Type 1 versions of these fonts when working with certain applications because of the way the OpenType versions of these fonts are encoded. For more information, please refer to the Pi Font Info.pdf file included on this disk.
5. An “Additional Language Fonts” folder that contains OpenType fonts for Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Japanese, and Thai.
6. A “Deprecated Fonts” folder that contains deprecated OpenType fonts. Their replacements are in either the "Western Fonts" folder or the "Additional Language Fonts" folder.
7. A "Documentation" folder that contains:
* an OpenType User Guide PDF that explains how to install and use OpenType fonts on both Mac® OS and Windows® platforms;
* a comprehensive OpenType Read Me.html file that includes additional information about known operating system and application compatibility issues;
* and an Adobe Western 2 character set PDF that shows the minimum character set for all OpenType fonts from Adobe.
8. An "Educational Material" folder that contains:
* a Typographic Primer PDF that covers basic type terminology and concepts;
* specimen books in PDF format for several typeface families that explain the origins of the design and provide usage examples.

What's new in Font Folio 11:
* More than 170 new fonts
* Updates to the Adobe Type Library
* Enhanced linguistic support
* Support for Unicode
* Software licenses now available in 5-, 10-, or 20-computer configurations


Adobe Font Folio 11
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Adobe Font Folio 11
RarPass: Auramsen


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